January: Participation at "International Forum on Globalizsation"
International Forum on Globalizsation in which several Ecoropeans participated.
January: Action against "European Directive on Biotechnological Inventions"
Action against the European Directive on Biotechnological Inventions, in which hundreds of public figures, amongst them many Ecoropeans, signed and financed a 1- page advertisement in the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit against "Patents on Life". The action was initiated and coordinated by Christine von Weizsäcker
April: Meeting "Resource Efficiency versus Sufficiency"
ECOROPA Meeting on Resource Efficiency versus Sufficiency together with the celebration of Paul Blau’s 80th birthday and followed by General Assembly, hosted by Ernst and Christine von Weizsäcker, in Wuppertal and Bonn (Germany)
December: Symposium “In hommage de Denis de Rougemont”
Symposium In hommage de Denis de Rougemont in Barcelona (Spain)
January: Participation in UN and other meetings
ECOROPA’s Biotechnology Programme list of activities included among others the participation and actions at 3rd Stession of UN-Commission on Sustainable Development, at the Conference of the International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology and on the 2nd Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP2).