April: Spring Meeting
Enlarged Coordinating Committee’s Spring Meeting Defense and the Promotion of Peace; Deforestation and Atmospheric Pollution; and Nuclear Information, hosted hosted by Armand Petitjean and Janine Delaunay at the Centre de La Cure, St.-Hippolyte-du-Fort (France)
April: Center for Alternative Technology
Establishment of Gerard Morgan-Grenvilles Center for Alternative Technology as Ecoropa's UK Branch, registered in England [1548869]
November: Meeting "Reorganizing the Association ECOROPA"
Meeting on Reorganizing the Association ECOROPA in which Paul Blau was elected as as President, in Le Moulin d’Andé (near Paris, France)

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

The Centre for Alternative Technology (Canolfan y Dechnolg Amgen) was founded in 1973 on the site of the disused Llwyngwern slate quarry near Machynlleth, in Mid Wales.
When founder Gerard Morgan-Grenville started the organisation, he conceived "a project to show the nature of the problem and show ways of going forward."
In 1985, CAT was established as the UK branch of Ecoropa.