May: Economic Conference "Small is Possible"
International ECOROPA Economic Conference Small is Possible, hosted by Carl Amery at the E.F. Schumacher Gesellschaft in Munich (Germany).
August: Publication of "The Social and Environmental Effects of Large Dams"
The Social and Environmental Effects of Large Dams, a 400 page Report to ECOROPA by Teddy Goldsmith and Nicholas Hildyard [is published] by Wadebridge Ecological Centre (UK)
December: Meeting “Health/Nutrition”
ECOROPA Meeting on Health/Nutrition, led and hosted by Joan Davis and Diana Schumacher in (Godstone, UK)

Small is possible

Realisation of ecological projects in technology, architecture, education, services, business, investment and financing

The Social and Environmental Effects of Large Dams,

Report to ECOROPA

Since the beginning of the historical era, man has been building dams. The ancient civilisations of Sumeria, Babylonia, Egypt, Ceylon and Cambodia, for example, were all justifiably famed for their irrigation works: indeed, the bunds and tanks which remain at such ancient capitals as Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka, or Angkor Watt in Cambodia, still survive to bear proud witness to the engineering skills of those who constructed them.