Susanne Gura

Bonn / Germany

Susanne Gura is a policy analyst and author of studies and articles about agricultural biodiversity and rural development, among others. She contributed to publications of Berne Declaration, Econexus and others on climate and agriculture as well as on corporate concentration.
Since 2009, she chairs the largest German seed saving association VEN and serves on the board of a seed and breed conservation umbrella organisation in German speaking countries. For many years she coordinated activities of civil society organisations accompanying multilateral negotiations such as FAO and CBD, and led a public awareness project at the German Forum Environment and Development.
During the 1990ies, she advised the German government on international agricultural research policy matters. In the 1980ies she has worked with FAO on gender issues as well as on African traditional food plants. She holds a PhD in rural sociology, a postgraduate certificate in development economics, and a master degree in human nutrition.