Manfred Siebker


Manfred Siebker, a leading physicist and engineer of EURATOM, came from the other side of the fence: Knowing too much about the deadly threat of this technology - as a
Damocles sword over our heads -, witnessing the ignorance, arrogance and irresponsibility of its supporters, made him for us an invaluable source of scientific and technical information. He was the leading author, together with contributions of some of our friends, of the “Ecological Manifesto for a different Europe" - 1979! - with a wide distribution in Western Europe before the first European elections, an excellent document containing alI the problems, haunting us stiIl 17 years later.

He died from apoplexy after a long suffering. Another piIlar of our inteIlectual capital was lost.

Obituary by Paul Blau

Selected publications

Manfred Siebker (Brussels) with contributions from Wouter van Dieren (Edam), Jacques Ellul (Paris), Edouard Kressmann (Bordeaux), Sigmund Kvaloy (Oslo), Jaroslav Langer (Bonn) and Roland Vogt (Berlin) (1979)