Jaques Ellul


Jacques Ellul. the philosopher, has also been a brother and sister soul. As a commentary to our ECOROPA-Documents, he wrote a thoughtful examination of the need for a new European Culture. The ecological movement should from the beginning be its pioneer. (That was in 1986.) He is convinced, that the so-called male values are at the origin, leading us to the abyss, and that the female values - respect of life, attraction by the smaIl, support for the weak, mutual confidence, etc. may permit us to stop the race to oblivion.

Obituary by Paul Blau

Selected publications

Manfred Siebker (Brussels) with contributions from Wouter van Dieren (Edam), Jacques Ellul (Paris), Edouard Kressmann (Bordeaux), Sigmund Kvaloy (Oslo), Jaroslav Langer (Bonn) and Roland Vogt (Berlin) (1979)