Edouard Kressmann


Edouard Kressmann died a few months before Denis de Rougemont at the age of 78. He discovered ecology via his profession as wine merchant and expert. Only at first sight does this appear quite astonishing: studying culture and wine he found out that good quality depended on a deep understanding of the links between soil, plant and climate. He wrote prose about the influence of wine on culture in an admirably poetic convincing way. When he saw that modern technology of agriculture - agrobusiness - destroyed the foundations of healthy plant and fruit cultivation, he retired as grandfather from business, joined Denis, became a co-founder of ECOROPA, a dedicated crusader for peace, a courageous defender of nature. He published the ECOROPA BULLETIN - appearing in French and English - with much information on the ecological movement in Europe and overseas, acted as Secretary General, was host of many ECOROPA meetings and was a most important element in binding us together. His contributions to ECOROPA-MANIFESTOS and campaigns (e.g. against atomic energy) were excellent. We miss him dearly and will always remember him in love and friendship.

Obituary by Paul Blau

Selected publications

Manfred Siebker (Brussels) with contributions from Wouter van Dieren (Edam), Jacques Ellul (Paris), Edouard Kressmann (Bordeaux), Sigmund Kvaloy (Oslo), Jaroslav Langer (Bonn) and Roland Vogt (Berlin) (1979)