Diana Schumacher

Vice President
Godstone / UK

Early mission: to integrate education, ecology and economics (in the widest sense, as a holistic framework for policies of sustainability).
This cross disciplinary approach was novel in the early 1970’s but is now conventional wisdom!

Work Experience
British Council Education Division 1966-1968
International Survey Research, University of Chicago 1969-1973
Governor St Stephen’s Church of England Primary/Middle School 1970-1990Founder Member and Trustee Schumacher Society 1978- (President 1990-2000)
Partner Schumacher Projects Consultancy 1979-2002
Trustee India Development Group 1980-2005 (now renamed Jeevika Trust)
PRASEG (Parliamentary Alternative and Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group) on original advisory board: member ever since
Co-Founder Green Books Publishing1986
Church of England Environmental Issues Reference Panel, (Board for Social Responsibility) 1987-1993
Adviser to Schumacher College in initial stages (1991-1993).
Co-Director Work Structuring Limited 1992-
Founder Member/Executive Committee Member Green Alliance 1982-1992
Founder Member and Trustee Gandhi Foundation 1983-1998
Management Board Member for Centre for International Peace Building 1985-
ECOROPA Board member 1984-
Founder Member New Economics Foundation (nef) 1986; Trustee 1986-1998
Founder Member Environmental Law Foundation 1991- (originally Vice Chair and currently Trustee/Life Vice President)
Founder Member Schumacher Institute 2005
Founder Member SPES Forum (Spirituality in Economics and Society) 2005-
Trustee Themba Trust 2005-
Long term member All Party Energy Group: also All Party Parliamentary Environment Group
Life Fellow Royal Society of Arts (FRSA)

Patron of the following:-
UK Social Investment Forum
Green Network
Peacechild International
Tree Aid
Founder Member and Patron Friends of Bletchingly Centre (Local Community Arts)
Instigator and donor of Annual Schumacher Award 1994.
Annual Gandhi Peace Award 1998

Going Solar 1977 (co-authored)
Solar Flatplate Collectors for Developing Countries 1979 (co-authored)
Energy - Crisis or Opportunity? – A Background to Energy Studies: 1985 Macmillan Educational Press
Energy for Human Shelter within the Global Shelter: Energy Policy Planning in the Third World, Homes Above All, publ by the Building and Social Housing Foundation
Ten Principles for an Organic Energy Policy 1992
Towards an Organic Energy Policy, A Future for the Land, Green Books 1992
“Habitat un Ambiente per Vivere” 1994
Introduction to This I Believe – Essays by E.F. Schumacher (Green Books) 1997
Siete Principias del Ciudado Ecologico, Cuba Verde 1999
Ten Commandments for Europe’s Renaissance, The Conscience of Europe publ by Council of Europe Publishing, 1999
Small is Manageable from Theory to Practice 2003 (published by Schumacher Centre for Development, New Delhi)
Search for A World Spirituality, Spirituality as a Public Good, 1st European SPES Cahiers 2007
The Legacy of E.F. Schumacher (Schumacher Briefing to be published Jan 2011, Green Books.

Articles also contributed to journals including European Business Review, Resurgence Magazine, The Gandhi Way, Positive News and ELFLine (the publication of the Environmental Law Foundation), Warmer Bulletin