Antje Lorch

Communication Office
Amsterdam / Netherlands

Antje Lorch has an MSc in biology and has been working on the science of genetic engineering and its environmental, socio-economic and political effects since the early 1990s.

She was editor of the Biotechnology and Development Monitor from 1999-2002. Since then she has worked as an independent scientific consultant for a number of NGOs on GM crops, risk assessment and agriculture.
She has been following the CBD and Biosafety Protocol negotiations since 2002, and has been editing the daily CBD Alliance newsletter ECO at numerous meetings since 2010. Since 2010, she is the Civil Society representative in the Informal Advisory Board of the Biosafety Clearing House.

Antje also specialises in developing websites for small NGOs, OpenSource software and is member of the Drupal Docs Working Group.

Selected publications

Helena Paul, Almuth Ernsting, Stella Semino, Susanne Gura & Antje Lorch (2009)