Ecology - Democracy - Justice

Ecoropa was founded in Geneva in 1976 based on a preceding discourse identifying the following issues of common concern

  • Complex ecological interactions are not adequately addressed by addressing only one dimension of an environmental problem.
  • Democracy and public information and participation are key at local and national levels. They need to be complemented, however, by international cooperation, wherever impacts cross national borders.
  • North-South relations based on respect, fairness and justice are preconditions for long-term successes.

Ecoropa and its members maintained their cooperation throughout the years as a network of networkers on ecological reflection and action addressing emerging issues and emergencies of common concern at the interface between local, national and international levels. The membership varied from 30 – 200 over the years, each of them serving as a provider of information, analysis and contacts within Europe and worldwide.

January 2016

Our dear friend and venerated Honorary President Freda Meissner-Blau passed away two days before Christmas.
Ecoropa expresses it's deep gratitude to Freda.

Just a few month ago, Christine von Weizsäcker praised in her laudatio when Freda Meissner-Blau received the Concordia honorary price for her lifework:
"For being a textbook of example of genuine, independent orientation, courage and consistency. For her lack of respect for currently prevailing power relations and for prognosis that are meant to manipulate public opinion and cement the status-quo. And for showing that we are self-made Women and self-made men, and so that we can jointly make positive history."

May 2015

Honorary President Freda Meissner-Blau received the most prestigious Concordia Award for her lifetime achievements as journalist, Parliamentarian, civil society activist fighting for ecology, democracy, human rights, independence of the media.
Christine von Weizsäcker held the laudatio at the award ceremony at the Austrian parliament. The full text is available in German. Read more...